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Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 09:04:29 -0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
From: "Billy H. Seidel" <>
Subject: Flip the coin

So- - -  - Paul----, I guess this means that any person with a bad?
background is not going to get your vote for anything.  I guess this also
means that you will vote for any person that has a great family history.  I
believe that a person should be judged by his actions and not the actions of
his ancestors.  I don't think our founding fathers had in mind to condemn
people for what someone else did or did not do. If we start condemning folks
for the mistakes their ancestors made,  we are all in trouble.  Is your
family history so clean?  Are you responsible for what they did?  Can't you
think for yourself?

Oh well this could go on for a long time.

Billy H. Seidel

Message #22980
From: "Paul Pagnato" <>
Subject: Laura Bush: 1963, ran stop sign & killed boyfriend [Free Republic]
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 11:41:51 -0800
Re: Steve Bridge/22959
Sorry Steve, but I sure wouldn't vote for Hitlers grandchildren or any Nazi
Aushwitz killing connected grandchildren to the Presidency of the United
States. Hitler also cleansed in the name of Christianity. Just open the
attached web-site for some particulars.
Respectfully, Paul

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