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Subject: Reason Magazine article

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Subject: Ronald Bailey on the politics of nanotechnology
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Ronald Bailey - The Smaller the Better. The limitless promise of
nanotechnology -- and the growing peril of a moratorium (Reason Magazine,
December, 2003)


(Rudi Hoffman writing)

Thanks, Aschwin... I will check this out.  I have subscribed to Reason 

magazine for maybe 6 years.  It is a thought provoking and excellent magazine, 
has actually gotten better in editorial content in the last few years.  Less 
"flaky" and "lunatic fringish" and better written. 

Ron Bailey is a great guy as well.  I have met him at several conferences, 
Extropy, Foresight, and I think he was even at a "Cryonics/Alcor" conference. 

(Could be wrong on this last.)  I had a great conversation with him over lunch,
and he is somewhat interested in signing up for cryonics, although he has not 
done so yet to my knowledge.  

But his articles have the orientation that will resonate with the biases of 
this readership.  He is skeptical of both government and religious authority, 
libertarian leaning, pro-science, pro-technology, and well researched.  Along 

with John Stossell, he is one of my heroes in the press.  And his colleague and
fellow Reason author/editor Virginia Postrel (Author of "The Future and It's 

Rudi Hoffman

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