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Subject: Re: Message #23000
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 09:41:22 +0000

James, the old liberals did stand for personal freedom and liberty...but they 
have all been dead for almost 200 years. They 

were our founding fathers! It is irrelevant where the word liberty originated, a
slave was free to speak the word. No democrat 

currently running is better than Bush. They would all repeal Bush's tax cuts, 
increase taxes and add to the regulatory burden 

already crushing the private sector. In addition they would turn the war on 
those Islamic terrorist nuttos over to the U.N., yes, 

the same U.N. that just tucked tail and ran away because one or more of those 
nuttos bombed their location. Tax cuts are 

good. All tax cuts are good. There is no such thing as a bad tax cut. There is 
only five (5) things one can do with money: 

Destroy it, hoard it, spend it, save it or invest it. If it is burned or 
hoarded, that is bad for the economy. If it is spent, saved 

or invested, that is good for the economy! A tax cut means someone or some group
has more money than prior to the tax 

cut. I know of no one who burns money. I have a little cash squirreled away and 
I guess Bill Gates has somewhat more cash 

squirreled away. I also save and invest and I am sure Bill Gates saves and 
invest somewhat more than me. That is good. 

The more money Bill and I have, the more we will save and invest. That is good 
for everyone including James Swayze. The 

F.D.A. is the "big brother" you are talking about that is holding up and even 
banning drugs. The F.D.A. should be abolished 

immediately. I am not responsible! Those of you who support democrats and 
republicans are responsible. Vote Libertarian!

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