X-Message-Number: 23011
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 09:43:04 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Taxes: Some Issues re Life Extension

I am not necessarily advocating more taxes here, or not having tax cuts, 
but want to raise an issue that I think may be overlooked. Jerry Searcy, 
#23000, says, "Tax cuts are
good. All tax cuts are good. There is no such thing as a bad tax cut." All 
taxes, then, must be bad--cutting them out 100% must be good. Tax money, 
among other things, funds scientific research, however. In theory, research 
that could save your life and mine could come from such money. If you knew 
you had, say, 25 years left live with your present, aging body, and with 
taxation, government-funded research would find the cure for aging in 20 
years, whereas, without it, the private sector would take 30 years, which 
would you choose? How is that remotely possible? Well, the 
government-funded research is not so tied to making profits, so in theory 
could investigate the more difficult areas with less worry and hindrance 
over those concerns. Admittedly, even so this scenario seems more than a 
little doubtful. But it shows how we need to carefully investigate before 
condemning something whose effects are complex and not simply all bad.

Mike Perry

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