X-Message-Number: 23013
From: "Shannon Vyff" <>

Subject: check out 20/20, ABC, this FRIDAY the 5th of Dec.-- Shannon Vyff and 
family  in CR piece
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 10:45:29 -0800

     Hi, if you are able you  might want  to watch and see how our family is
portrayed in the 7 minute segment they will be doing on Calorie Restriction
with Optimal Nutrition(CRON), our family is the lead in and there will be
two minutes  whittled down from the eight and a half hours a crew from
Seattle spent filming at our house today (Dec. 3rd).  It should be fun to
see the three little red heads on prime time anyway! If anyone has question
feel free to ask... also information on CR is at the CR Society  web site.
The show 20/20, airs on ABC, and is 10:00 Oregon time, 9:00 Kansas time --
you might want to check for the time in your area.  Thanks,  and have a
great night/day-- whenever this reaches you! :-)  -- Health, Happiness,
Wisdom and Longevity to  You all! -- Shannon Vyff


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