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Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 02:28:37 -0800 (PST)
From: Christine Gaspar <>
Subject: Re: Ettinger's comments regarding Mr Mole


     I want to submit my thoughts about the comments posted by Mr Ettinger, 
     regarding Mr. Mole's comments about fundraising and selling cryonics to 
     billionaires. I realize that it has been tried, unsuccessfully in the past 
     to elicit favourable interest in cryonics to the extremely wealthy. Forgive
     me if my words are simply a tired old repetition of the same arguments 
     that have been going on, in cryonics,but these ideas are new to me, so I 
     can only speak from that position.  I understand his position, when he 
     states that Mr Mole should do a little research, and realize that the 
     obvious tactics have been already thought of and tried in the cryonics 
     community. Fair enough except for one point...what may have been 
     unsuccessful 5, 10 or 30 years ago, may actually work today. People's views
     change, political climates change, the amount of scientific knowledge or 
     awareness amongst the general public also changes. Just because something 
     didn't work before, doesn't mean it can never work. 

     When I joined the CSC, I encountered that way of thinking among the most 
     seasoned cryonicists in our group- and I am not saying they were wrong. 
     However, whenever someone new joins our community, they bring with them a 
     new viewpoint, new ideas, and new contacts to teach cryonics to. We all 
     have a bias, which helps us form our own vision for cryonics. The 
     experiences and ideas of each of us, adds to its progress. Therefore I 
     submit that perhaps, when and where appropriate, we should continue to 
     solicit the interests and resources of others. Each time we are successful 
     in creating a new cryonicist, we improve our chances of success. Wealthy 
     people have historically been just as difficult to convince as anyone else,
     but if we can succeed at inspiring others, our chance of gaining a wealthy
     member who wants to donate money to this project improves.

     For this reason, I think that we shouldn't give up on ideas that failed in 
     the past, but to continue to consider these ideas in the context of how 
     cryonics evolves today. Any little breakthrough can change ( positively I 
     hope) the path that our efforts take. We shouldn't lose sight of that. 
Christine Gaspar


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