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Subject: Re: messages 23011 & 23020
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 12:08:31 +0000

23011: Mike, if individuals, business and corporations were free of all the 
taxes, meddling regulations, and mandates, etc. 

there were be at least many billions and possibly trillions of extra dollars 
free for those entities to spend as they wish. This is 

only my opinion but I believe there would be at least as much money directed to 
scientific research as is now done by the 

government and maybe more. The idea that the lack of a profit motif is better 
than a profit motif is given by everyone I 

know who strongly supports government intervention. All government largesse 
comes with strings attached and research is no 

exception. When was the last time you heard of a government grantee being told 
"spend this money as you see fit...and no 

need to contact us."? I have learned from talking with local (Las Vegas) 
friends, Alcor personnel and cryonet posters that a 

large percent of people care nothing about the U.S. Constitution. Nevertheless, 
where in that document is the federal 

government authorized to fund any kind of research? If we are going to ignore 
that document we do so at great risk! The 

likes of Bush, Kennedy, people like the Clintons, etal, would like nothing 
better than to repeal the whole thing and make 

them masters of the U.S. 23020: Brian, "all Democrats better than Bush". Just an
opinion and I respectfully disagree. My 

statement (and yours) is subjective. "Bankrupt the nation"...so will the 
Democrats! "Regulations not crushing the private 

sector". I didn't mean to give the opinion that the private sector is in danger 
of collapsing...it is so adaptive I believe it can 

survive anything except the U.S. adopting full fledged socialism. Nevertheless, 
it pains me to think of the prosperity that 

could be generated with at least 99 percent (a subjective figure) of them 
abolished. "Third party better than Bush". I can 

think of one whose rhetoric, if applied to the oval office, would certainly be 
better: The Libertarian! There might even be 

other 3rd party candidates who would be better. In my opinion...no Democrat 
would be even as good. Government prints 

money but without the private sector (business) it would be only pretty metal 
and paper. The private sector (and nothing 

else) turns that paper and metal into prosperity. The government takes (steals) 
money from the private sector and sends 

checks to entities like Clark County Public Works (Las Vegas) and the county 
builds roads. I demonstrated in a previous 

posting that the private sector pays for, designs and builds roads. All that is 
left is operating them. It can do that too. 

Government was not present in my model because I don't believe it can save or 
invest money. Building roads, scientific 

research, etc. might look to some as "investing" but the same things can be done
by the private sector more efficiently. The 

F.D.A. most certainly should NOT be fixed. It is an unnecessary, meddling and 
unconstitutional gang of government 

bureaucrats with no purpose othar than to make producing a new drug a 20 year 
process and to kill people who can't get 

drugs that are available in other countries but not here because of the F.D.A. 
O.K. Brian, go ahead and vote Democrat. You 

have lots of company. Keep in mind that all the problems that exist in the U.S. 
were created by Republicans and 
Democrats...not Libertarians.

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