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Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 20:36:40 EST
Subject: Government Research = paying people not to think

>Tax money, 
among other things, funds scientific research, however. 

Mike, I confess that I work in a government research lab. There are a lot of 
smart people here... whiling away their postdoc years in the desperate hope 

that they'll be allowed to do some real work when they finally get out of here.

It's like the pyramids; yes, the Egyptian government did confiscate the 

resources needed to build the pyramids. Does this mean that those resources 
have disappeared had they not been confiscated? 

To advocate government research you have to assume that the government can 
allocate resources better than those who produced them. In your case, you have 
to assume that a government that claims that using stem cells is immoral is 
going to use those resources the way you would.

Is this likely? -Bill

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