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Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2003 23:17:40 -0600
From: "Bruce J. Klein" <>
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ImmInst Book Project
Upon completion, the book will represent an important 
achievement and focal point for the organization. 

The book will consist of essays submitted by ImmInst members 
and respected authors. 

Happily, ImmInst has thus far received submissions from such 
notable authors as Max More, Natasha Vita-More, James Halperin 
and Ray Kurzweil. 

Submit an essay, visit: http://www.imminst.org/book

Chat - Cryonics, Immortality & Swayze 
James Swayze joins ImmInst to talk about his 
life, his current projects and the feasibility of 
cryonics as a pathway toward physical immortality.
Dec 7 - Sun 8pm Eastern

Upcoming Chat - Mike Perry, Alcor & Cryonics
Alcor Patient Care Assistant and author of "Forever for All: 
Moral Philosophy, Cryonics, and the Scientific Prospects for 
Immortality ", Mike Perry chats will ImmInst about his current 
work and the future of Cryonics.
Dec 14 - Sun 8pm Eastern

ImmInst Full Member on ABC's 20/20
Shannon Vyff appeared on 20/20 - Dec 5. Her family 
was featured during a 7 minute segment about Caloric 
Restriction (CR), a proven life-extension method. 

Support ImmInst
We now have 53 Full Members!

If you haven't yet, consider joining as an ImmInst 
Full Member. 

You ll gain access to the Full Member Forums where 
members are working on the ImmInst Book Project 
and other important projects.   

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