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Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2003 22:24:15 -0800
From: James Swayze <>
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> Keep in mind that all the problems that exist in the U.S. were created by 
Republicans and 
>Democrats...not Libertarians.

This may come as a shock to you but, um, well, uh, gee... George Bush is 
NOT a Libertarian. Your arguments are all over the map, hardly cogent or 
coherent, and the whole point to begin with was that you said you were 
voting for Bush. A few here have tried to point out to you that this is 
anathema to your and our extended survival. No tax cut is worth the 
utterly incalculable set back we've had to the sciences in general and 
especially the set backs to life extension sciences caused by... you 
guessed it, George W. Bush. What you seem incapable of seeing is that in 
Bush's own superstition led luddite position on physical immortality and 
his appointment of Leon Kass to the position he was given, in that he 
(Kass) was already for many years rabidly anti life extension and 
anything related to it, Bush gave a huge boost to the anti science, anti 
technology, deathist morbid mortality loving bioethicist crowd and all 
the idiot luddites that hang upon their every word. It is impossible to 
calculate the harm this has caused us and will continue to perpetuate 
from hear out.

And you want to see that man back in office for the price of a goddamn 
tax cut?! It is simply incredulous!

So let's recap. We call you on your proposed choice of Bush, a 
Republican, that by the way just pushed through one of the biggest 
expansions in history of the oh so hated Social Security/Medicare 
entitlement program, and through convoluted argmentation you extoll the 
virutes of voting Libertarian, while failing to acknowledge we are 
calling you on your statement of proposed voting for the *Republican* 
Bush. Small tax cuts do not make a Republican into a Libertarian.

I'm voting for stem cell and SCNT research to be allowed and funded and 
for cryonics and cloning to not be outlawed and I don't give a damn what 
party whoever supports it happen to be in.


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are allowed to prescribe and research, with the consent of their patients. Those
who understand this are strongly encouraged to modify this to fit their 
personality, and add this to their signature file, and organize to recover our 
freedom from Big Brother. For those who wait until they are sick, it will be too
late. Those who suffer from diseases which might have been cured by advanced 
medical research or schedule 1 drugs banned by Big Brother, have the right to 
hold accountable those who sat on their hands or worse, deferred their 
responsibility for personal and humanity's survival to unseen mystical agents, 
while they remained ill and dying.

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