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Subject: Re: Mike Perry 23033, James Swayze23037
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003 20:02:01 +0000

Mike Perry:The Libertarian theory if applied to government would be better. 
The old Republican and classical liberal theory (smaller, less intrusive 
government) would also be better than current government. The Democrats and 
Republicans are not applying that "theory"...they are applying collectivism 
which was imposed for the entire 20th century (and is still imposed). It 
produces poverty and misery in inverse proportion to the amount of capitalism 
allowed. We all know what Democrats and Republicans do, what is so terrible 
about giving the Libertarian candidates an opportunity to apply the theory of 
smaller, less intrusive government? If they are given that chance but 
continue with business as usual, well...I guess we are just f..... or we take 
up arms! Article I, section 8 and the "general welfare" clause. Yes, 
government is allowed to tax. Thomas Jefferson spoke to the general welfare 
clause. I don't remember the exact quote but might be able to find it. 
Basically he said take it too literally and the government might become 
something you don't like. Most (if not all)of the unconstitutional government 
we suffer under is due to congress interpreting the commerce and general 
welfare clause (where are you Tom...we need you). Yes, the government can 
conduct military research on weapons and related subjects! It could be argued 
that research on anything from flower pollination to sexual disfunction has 
military application but I thing that would be a stretch equal to what 
congress does with the commerce and general welfare clauses. If you read the 
Federalist Papers (I struggled with half of them and only remember two ideas 
expressed) I learned that the Founders were terrified of big government and 
didn't want a standing army. Does that mean the military is unconstitutional. 
I admit the constitution is not completely clear to me. You are ignoring the 
constitution if you allow the government to have: Social security, medicare, 
medicade, H.U.D., N.E.A., nat'l endowment for arts, nat'l endowment for 
humanities, F.B.I., D.E.A., A.T.F., foreign aid,...and on and on ad-nauseum!! 
And lets not forget the "Patriot Act "which should be renamed "The Orwellian 
Act".James Swayze: Your post was quite visceral and I agree with its general 
meaning. Once again I will say tax cuts are good for everyone including 
people who conduct research (more money available). I don't know of any 
candidate with a real chance of winning that would do even that (at least 
among the democrats). We will have a president after the next election. If he 
is a Democrat we will get the same thing G.W. gave us: Bigger government, but 
we will also get more taxes and stifling regulations imposed on business and 
the individual (and possibly a repeal of G.W.'s tax cuts). Who would you like 
to see elected? When a Democrat or Republican says: "I support stem cell 
research" he is saying the wind of public opinion seems to be blowing that 
way. If that wind changes he will oppose it. When a Libertarian says: "I 
support stem cell research" he is saying it is a fundamental right to do 
research and government should not interfere. Unfortunately the Libertarian 
candidateis NOT going to be president. We are stuck with the R & D's.

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