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Subject: Spanish Cryonics Society
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 12:44:43 +0100

The Spanish Cryonics Society (SEC) is a non profit Society whose aim is: "to
gather all interested persons, and to promote all activities deemed
appropriate to achieve, through medical and scientific means, extending or
suspending human life while preserving the identity of the person as well as
all his physical and mental skills.
To achieve this aim, the following activities are performed:
Supporting the investigation and the application of all current and future
medical and scientific means that may permit achieving the objectives
Facilitating the approval by the Spanish Law of all means which may permit
achieving the objectives stated;
Promoting collaboration with Health Authorities, as well as with medical and
scientific societies, nationally and worldwide;
An important objective of the Society is ensuring that everyone who has been
treated is protected, when appropriate, with biological and legal means to
maintain suitable conditions for his preservation, until Science permits his
complete recovery." (translated from Spanish by yours truly).
I attended a SEC meeting in Madrid on December 6, 2003. We decided to
relaunch the activities of the Society, in particular in terms of spreading
awareness of cryonics in Spain, establishing contacts with life insurance
providers, establishing a solid Internet presence, developing a media
strategy, and solving all issues related to Spanish Law and Health
Authorities. The Society will offer advice to all members and interested
persons for understanding cryonic science, technologies and procedures,
contacting cryonic service providers such as Alcor and the Cryonics
Institute, selecting suitable life insurance terms, and solving all issues
related to Spanish Law and Health Authorities. All developments will be
posted to the website of the SEC.
The Spanish Cryonics Society wishes to develop collaborations with all the
main players in the field of cryonics. In the next few days SEC officers
will begin contacting cryonicists individually.

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