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Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 09:31:30 EST
Subject: again, rich people

Alan Mole writes in part:

>My point is that there are (literally) seven million 
>millionaires in the US and we need just one.

Again, I readily concede that what has failed in the past might succeed in 
the future, but it is also important to assess the situation reasonably 
accurately and husband our resources.

It isn't true that we "need just one." Most of those 7,000,000 millionaires 
have only a few million, or only one million, and are not about to allocate a 
major portion of it to cryonics, against the wishes of their families and 

A MUCH larger possible constituency would be old widows or widowers with 
estates worth maybe a quarter million, who could allocate part of that for 

cryopreservation. In CI's case, we could even arrange to do it by pledge of real
estate, with only a membership fee up front.

Robert Ettinger

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