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Subject: Re: message # 23042 (Bryan Stewart)
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 10:22:04 +0000

My arguments lack coherence, are catch phrases and sound bites! Did you read my 
post? Please explain how you see my 

message as such...I am curious. I thought I explained why I felt this way.Since 
you believe the private sector should be 
regulated by government (i don't) 
there is no point for me to continue arguing 
against it. You fear private sector monopolies...do you fear government 
monopolies (they use guns to enforce the monopoly). The 

consumer is now and will always be in control. If he wishes to break a monopoly
all he has to do is stop buying the product. 

Of course a single individual will be hard pressed to accomplish that but large
groups sacrificing and pulling together could 
pull it off. I realize that requires time, effort, labor, and sacrifice. The 
lazy way out is what you suggest: "I don't have the 
time or desire to do what is required to break this monopoly so lets create 
another government bureaucracy, increase our 

taxes and let the government use guns to do it".  The F.D.A. should be abolished
for the 
reasons I gave...didn't you read them. I did 

not argue in a circle! The United States has SURVIVED as long as it has because
of checks and balances. The United States is 

the most PROSPEROUS country because of the private sector and nothing else (and 
in spite of government meddling). Non 
Libertarian politicians have used 

Libertarians to push their agenda. I neither understand what this statement 
means nor has to do with 
anything I said. How does one balance the 

private sector with the government sector.By the way using "public" instead of 
"government" gives legitimacy to something 

that is not legitimate...like "public" schools. They are "government" schools 
and where in the constitution are they authorized 
(or is that something you care about?). What 
does "balance the private sector" mean? You fear "one force dominating the 
nation". That is already the case. That force is 

the Federal Government. Do you fear it? Your baked beans example is typical of 
The private sector is good at giving 
consumers what it wants. If it tires of baked beans, I am certain some 
entrepreneur will provide something else, unless 

government regulators prevent it. I could go on and on but I grow tired of these
discussions. I would like to run my 
life as I wish, not as the American people might wish. The only way to do that 

is less government...oh the horror of less government. What would we do if 
people could run their businesses and lives as 
they wish. I suppose it would be Armageddon

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