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Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 11:26:53 EST
Subject: Re: marketing cryonics part 2332

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Finally, I started my suggestion with "I'd like to suggest three things....we 
should... etc."  And ended with "What do you think?" I believe that made it 
clear that I was throwing out a suggestion for discussion, not giving an 
But if anyone besides Mr. Pratt thought I was telling others they should do 
things, I am sorry.  I did not mean it that way at all.

Now, what do others think of the idea? Perhaps Rudi Hoffman can tell us if 
this kind of "selling" could work. Rudi, could it fly?

Alan Mole
Hello, Alan, and fellow cryoneters,

I liked the earlier posting by Alan Mole expressing his "astonishment" that 

"we"(Sorry for the collective pronoun, Paul Waker...I mean "those active in the
cryonics field) :) can't seem to find more millionaires capable and desirous 
of funding cryonics research.

And I would agree that this is largely a function of marketing, or more 

precisely lack of marketing.  This is no one's fault, it is just that the 
is that there are not sufficient funds at this point to engage in large scale 
traditional advertising.

Of course, as Bill Falloon pointed out when I asked about advertising in his 
"Life Extension Magazine" the other side of the coin is that our "product" is 
still unproven and generally percieved as speculative at best and a 
"fraudulent ripoff" by some.  

I think it is interesting that I PERSONALLY became aware of ALCOR as a 

function of the SINGLE full page ad in OMNI magazine in 1994.  In talking with 
cryonicists at conferences, I have found quite a few others pulled in by this 

So I agree with both Alan Mole's observation that we must aggressively and 

proactively market this concept to wealthier prospects, and the somewhat overly
cynical but justifiable world weariness of Charles Platt's "We've done it all 

Hope to have more on this subject later.  

Kind regards,


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