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From: "David Pizer" <>
Subject: Alcor's new president
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 19:15:51 -0800


Regarding Alcor's new president:  I had invited everyone to the Alcor Cryofeast 
to be held at The Creekside Resort in Mayer on Sunday Dec 21st from noon to 
evening.  I hope you will come.

I had said that this would be a good time to meet Alcor's new president.  At 
this time, I do not know who that will be.  I have only assumed that since Dr. 
Lemler has announced that he is retiring on Dec 31st, and that Alcor has 
announced they are doing a president search and interviews, they will have made 
a public announcement by December 21st and the new president will be here to 
meet some of the members, whoever he or she is. 

There is some outside chance that with only 10 days left, Alcor will still not 
have made a public announcement on who that person is.  

So I hope you will plan on being at the Cryofeast on Dec 21st to meet lots of 
fellow-Cryonicists and have a good time, and hopefully we will have the new 
president here for you to meet.

David Pizer.



>From north Phoenix, go north on Interstate 17 to Cordes Junction and turn 
northwest on State Highway 69 and go six miles to the Creekside Resort (on the 
north side of Highway 69).

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