X-Message-Number: 23075
From: Tim Freeman <>
Date: Tue,  9 Dec 2003 22:28:18 -0700
Subject: Alcor Northern California Cryofeast December 14, 2003

Reminder for a party this weekend:

The last Alcor Northern California meeting in 2003 will be
the customary Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration on December
14. The meeting will be at 5:00 pm and dinner will start
around 5:30. The event will be held at the Peartree
Apartments Recreation Room at 330 N. Mathilda Ave in
Sunnyvale. Turkey will be provided; please bring something
else to eat or drink. For more information, call Tim Freeman
at (408) 774-1298, or send email to 
Tim Freeman                                                  
I xeroxed a mirror. Now I have an extra xerox machine.       -- Steven Wright

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