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Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 13:06:22 EST
Subject: Re: Millionaires etc

In a message dated 12/11/2003 5:01:05 AM Eastern Standard Time, Charles Platt 
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> Instead of asking why millionaires don't put money into
> cryonics, a more sensible question might be, why any
> millionaire ever _would_ put money into cryonics. This could
> be a very interesting line of inquiry. I asked Don Laughlin
> (in a taped interview) why he had signed up, and he just
> said, "I like the odds." Why did this extremely shrewd man
> tell me that resuscitation seems "pretty much a done deal" to
> him, while other wealthy individuals would not share this
> opinion? I don't know the answer to this question, but I
> would like to.

Well, he's a casino owner, and from what I've gathered reading articles and 
posts by Ben Best and others, he sounds like a risk-taker. Maybe he's simply a 
gambling man who trusts his own instincts. Laughlin also seems very 

uncomfortable when talking about death in interviews I've read, so he doesn't 
strike me 
as the typical, ultra-rationalist cryonics activist. He may just be following 
his "gut". 

Or I could be way off-base. :)

-Jonathan Hinek

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