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From: "David Pizer" <>
Subject: Boo  Hoo
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 22:31:05 -0800

Feeling sorry for yourself?

Let me tell you a little story that happened to me today, and maybe that will 
make your troubles feel a little less.  You may even get a laugh out of it.  I 
own some vacant land in North Phoenix (not in Scottsdale where Alcor is).   I 
live in Mayer (an hour north of Phoenix) so I don't go by my vacant land too 
often, maybe a couple times a year.

Several months ago, some vandals, (or whatever you want to call them),  threw 
some empty paint cans and pipes on my land.  Of course without my permission or 
even my knowledge.  The City cited me for keeping debris on my property (even 
though I did not know it was there).   The vandals also threw some empty pop 
bottles and bricks on the street that adjoins my property.  I got cited for not 
cleaning up my land and the public street in front of my property.

So I went to court trial today to tell the judge my story.  It turns out that 
even though it is not my trash on my property or the street, I have to clean it 
up, and since I didn't, I got fined $450.  They now call it a civil matter 
instead of a criminal matter so that you don't get a jury trial and they don't 
need to be beyond a reasonable doubt but just a preponderance of evidence.

Anyhow, I paid the fine and was pretty pissed off while I drove home to Mayer.  
But as I drove along the thought of the craziness of this law and legal mind set
of the government fining the property owner (who is the victim) instead of 
trying to find the vandals is reflective of just how screwed up our legal system
is.  When I pointed out to the judge the inequity of punishing the property 
owner instead of the vandals, he just said something like ...."I'm just 
following orders (the law)."  Where have we heard this before.  He shrugged his 
shoulders as if he agreed with me, and then fined me $450.


What's the moral of all this?

If inequities like this can befall a good citizen like myself who doesn't have a
criminal background and in fact has a very good reputation in this state for 
the last 60 years, imagine what trouble can come to a cryonics organization as 
they go about their business of freezing people.   And so next time your 
cryonics company presents their financial statement for the year, and there are 
some pretty hefty expenses for legal advice, don't complain.  

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