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Subject: Re: message #23078 (Mike Perry)
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 07:46:59 +0000

As I said in an earlier post, I have a lot to learn about posting to Cryonet. 
Mike, when we see each other again (next week) I 

would like to talk with you about this subject. What is "radical 
Libertatianism"? The only radical concept I have heard about is 

the idea of no taxes at all. I would like to see that tried but to the best of 
my knowledge the national party does not 

advocate it. It would require the federal government be returned to its 
constitutional limits then a small national sales tax 

would suffice. You said some generations ago an opportunity existed to try this 
system instead a feudal system was created. 

The Libertarian party was created in 1971 (I think), hardly several generations 
ago. I doubt that at the time of which you 

speak the concept we now identify as Libertarian had even been conceived! 
Imagine, the absolute right to own weapons, 

build on your property as you see fit rather than as some government bureaucrat 
decides, no requirement to even visit a 

government bureaucrat to start a business...etc., etc. Just discuss those ideas 
with people today and see what I mean! No 

wonder it was not tried. "...not necessarily devolve into something like La Cosa
Nostra.". If it did, it would no longer be 

Libertarian. It would be more like what we now have under the 
RepubliCrats...absolute federal control over every aspect of 

our lives and almost total disregard for the Constitution. You say we should 
proceed with caution with any "radical" reform. Is 

the concept of self ownership a radical idea. I don't think so. Remember, a tax 
is the government saying "you don't own your 

money even though you earned it. We, the state (the people...collectivism), own 
it and we will tell you how much you may 

keep". Property tax eliminated the fundamental right to own property. This is 
now the norm. It has been tried and the result 

is the monster government we now slave under. I use the word slave in its true 
definition. We are truly slaves of the state. 

The state tells us how much of our money we may keep, how to build our homes, 
where to build our homes, extorts money 

for the privilege of remaining in our homes, we are not free to create wealth 
(start a business) we must get permission from 

the state, and I could go on but I think you get the idea. We are slaves and we 
put the chains on ourselves and each 

election insist they stay on. You seem to like Libertarianism if it is applied 
to cryonics, why not to other aspects of our lives? 

As for citizens holding weapons of mass destruction...that bothers me also but 
be careful...a weapon of mass destruction to 

some bureaucrats could be a hand grenade or machine gun. I fully feel citizens 
should be able to own those items. Wrong to 

kill non-Libertarians, etc. It depends. Self defense... no, murder..., yes. You 
say the Libertarian system should be tried on a 

small scale. I wish the current system had been tried on a small scale first, 
perhaps we would be a lot more free now. Lets 

elect Libertarians to all local and federal offices NOW...that is the test I 
wish to see.
Live free or die!

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