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Subject: Re: message # 23082 (Randy Wicker) and an interesting speech by Davy 
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 20:16:44 +0000

Until we have a Libertarian government it is only one's opinion whether or not 
it would work. By the way what is the criterion 

for whether or not a political system "works". Is it the length of time it 
survives? Nazi Germany survived 12 years, did it 

"work". The U.S.S.R. survived 70 years...I suppose it "worked". Our system has 
survived 227 years is it "working". The worst 

that could happen under Libertarianism is we would grow tired of making our own 
decisions and having to search long and 

hard in the telephone directory to find a government office. A year or so ago I 
wrote the Libertarian National Committee and 

ask their opinion on cryonics. After several weeks they finally returned a 
response. I gave it to Mike Perry and ask that it be 

published in an Alcor publication. He might still have it. Here is the response 
(I paraphrase): "Your body belongs to you and 

even if you die under suspicious conditions the state has no right to autopsy it
without your permission...however it is your 

responsibility to let your wishes be known". Type Davy Crockett into a search 
engine, select Davy Crockett Memorial Home 
Page and read "Yours Not To Give". You might find it interesting. Best wishes,
Jerry T. Searcy

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