X-Message-Number: 23087
From: "Ben Best" <>
Subject: Re: Cryonics Presentation at PhilCon
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 16:14:02 -0800

   I didn't mean to sound too cynical about my
cryonics presentation at the Philadelphia Science
Fiction convention in CryoNet Message 23069


   Although progress is slow, every
little bit helps and I'm glad to say that the sum of
many tiny increments over the years has resulted in
what I would call a significant difference to 
cryonics due to my efforts.

   Actually, it turns out there are 13 other 
presentation scheduled against my cryonics 
presentation at 11am on Saturday. But if anyone
attending PhilCon is looking to hear a good 
overview of the subject of cryonics, I will 
be there to deliver. 

   Aside from the panel on Nanotechnology at
10am Sunday (which I am on), there are two other 
panels which might be of interest to cryonicists:

  Immortality and the Generation Gap 
  -- a panel which begins with the assumption 
     that immortality might be fun for a couple
     of hundred years (Saturday, noon)

  Suspended Animation, then what?
  -- a panel based on the idea that cryonics
     would work, but that reanimated cryonicists
     would be treated as hamburger, doorstops,
     or slave labor (Sunday, noon) 

  I have managed to get myself placed on the 
second panel, so I might change the bias somewhat.

             -- Ben Best 

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