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Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 20:50:31 EST
Subject: Mike Perry

>1. Citizens should not have weapons of mass destruction.

This prevents private ownership of spacecraft, medical equipment (if you can 
make a gene-repair virus you can make a rhinovirus/Ebola more easily), bass 
boats (think hard about those dams you Californiacs live downstream of), etc. 
etc. (Why is it good for dictators and oligarchs to have WMD?)

>2. Barring exceptional and unlikely cases, it would be wrong to advocate 
killing non-libertarian politicians, bureaucrats, and their supporters.

Such as the "unlikely" cases who killed 200 million people in the 20th 

Century (not counting the wars)? Are you saying that killing Hitler would have 
wrong, but terror-bombing his victims to reduce his power was OK? You need to 
develop this thesis further; there's always a market niche for someone to 
advocate the Divine Right of Dictators.

>3. Before a libertarian system is strongly advocated at the national level, 
it should be tested and prove itself at a more limited, regional level.

Here you're on solid ground. Any honest, scientific socialist would like many 
different ancap and minarch systems tested on a small scale, to show how bad 
they would be. (Notice that honest scientific socialists seem to be limited in 

>Best wishes to all (and a kevlar vest)

Spectra, Mike, it's Spectra nowadays. Cheers! -Bill

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