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Subject: Re 23110: Another overlooked religion??

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Another overlooked religion?? Re 23110:  Mr. Wolf says:

>When a rival panelist derisively refers to Drexler's Foresight Institute as
>a "religion," Drexler ripostes: "That's a slur! That's the third slur today.
>This is not a scientific discussion."

I would hardly consider nanotechnology a religion.  However, I believe the
term is an elastic one.  What the person is really charging with the above
statement is that someone is promoting what he views as the truth about
a certain subject.  The inference is that the person is closed minded and
has already arrived at conclusions, blind beliefs that the person refuses to
adjust for new facts.  This is one of the reasons religion really isn't very 
compatible with science.

Reminds me of when a Priest was about to commence last rites for a dying
friend.  His sister said she wanted to put on a CD because "music was
really George's religion".  She did and the last rites commenced while I
took the dog for a walk.

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