X-Message-Number: 23138
Subject: Libertarian & non libertarian philosophy in action.
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 23:15:49 +0000

FLORIDA (Brevard county): Libertarians and Brevard Co. "Citizens for Fiscal 
Responsibility" defeated a proposed Infrastructure Sales Surtax saving 
taxpayers $1,300,000,000.00 over twenty years!

COLORADO (Littleton): A Libertarian-led initiative (supported by some R & 
D's) to abolish the town's tax on groceries was successful...saving residents 
about $600,000.00 annually!

ARIZONA (Pima County): Libertarian efforts to defeat a ballot question 
requiring Tucson to build a light-rail system funded by (what else) higher 
taxes was successful. This saved Tucson residents at least $800,000,000.00 
over twenty years!

CALIFORNIA (Santa Clara): Libertarians assisted by "Silicon Valley Taxpayers 
Association" defeated a measure to increase Parcel taxes. The "loot" would 
have funded after-school programs, performing arts courses and sports. This 
saved taxpayers about $700,000.00 per year!

The Colfax, Illinois Village Board mandated that all Village employees be 
subjected ro random drug test. When it was discovered that the Board itself 
was subject to this edict, it promptly re-wrote the law exempting themselves!

According to "Citizens for Tax Justice" a staggering 44 percent of the cost 
of beer is taxes! Drunks unite.

Washington DC: The Senate votes 97-0 for an anti-spam bill. The senators 
said: "When you start misleading the American people and start taking money 
by making false promises, that's our turf buddy." Jay Leno - The Tonight Show

Some have argued that post such as this are "off-topic". Really! Just check 
out the problems Alcor experienced in California with the "off-topic" subject 
of politics. Then take a look at the problem C.I. is now experiencing with 
politics. I submit politics is as important as or at least nearly as 
important as Cryonics related research. Government bureaucrats can kill you!

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