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Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 01:47:52 EST
Subject: Specific Funding Scheme

Does anyone or their friend work for IBM?

They have a unique United Way campaign. An employee can designate any 

non-profit (501-c3 in IRS parlance), filling in its name, address etc., and it 
get his contribution minus 14% processing.  But it gets better.

In following years the name will appear on a checklist that goes to all 
employees. Then anyone can check that box if he likes, without the hassle of 
finding the address etc.  Some people will just check a name because the 

organization sounds nice, though they know little about it. I belong to a group 
that got 
onto the list.  The first year they got the employee's contribution, something 
like $200.  Thereafter for many many years, even after that employee left, 
they got $8000.  As long as people keep checking the name it stays on.

So if we could just get our foundations, Immortalist etc., on the list just 
Even if somebody's friend works there and has no special interest in our 

cause, and we have to pay him his contribution plus the hassle factor, it would 
worth it.

I have checked and IBM alone has this feature, alas.  But every $8000 helps.

Alan Mole

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