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From: "Paul Pagnato" <>
Subject: Qualifications for "giving out" 23172
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003 12:43:52 -0800

Respectfully, if Bush, his wife Laura, & Cheney had to fill out the same job 
application as a McDonalds employee does, they would have been denied employment
just for their felony and alcohlism backgrounds. Isn't it absurd, stupid, and 
the biggest insult to all of us Americans that none of the latter had to fill 
out a job application and be "checked out" prior to the running for the 
Presidency, Vice-Presidency, and even the wife of the possible to be President 
of the United States. Shouldn't Psychiatric tests also be mandatory for 
individuals with such extreme violent power ?  It seems Socrates, Aristotle & 
Plato were correct with " Only those that have been taught to govern, should 
govern". This system has become a sick joke & no... it no longer is still the 
best for the majority or even the individual.  Fact: The system has evolved into
a system of legalized thieves/lawyers/corporations who corrupt and use deceit 
to advance there own personal pockets. Today, waving the flag is just tokenism  
and only assists the Bush propaganda machine for the murders / killings all 
around the globe in the name of fictional terrorism. Keep in mind, not one 
suicide bomber existed (even in Isreal) prior to Bush/Cheney/Sharon propagating 
violence and taking office. It's called "cause & effect", and it is intentially 
being used by Big Brother, the same as Hitler did. The only hope we have is for 
a national crises to occur which will effect the masses. Ex: major depression, 
or a boycott by the rest of the world.
Good luck my fellow humans.
Paul  (P.S. I voted for Reagan both times)

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