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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003 10:42:56 -0800 (PST)
From: Christine Gaspar <>
Subject: CSC Christmas Party


I wanted to let everyone know that the Cryonics Society of Canada Christmas 
party, held last night at my apartment, was a huge success.

It started at about 4 pm, and the last guests left at 1 am. We had about 23 
people come, many of which were newcomers- friends of CSC members, and one man 
who emigrated from India 2 weeks ago, who is a transhumanist, with a serious 
interest in cryonics. It was standing room only at times through the evening. I 
think we gained 5 new members to the CSC group last night, which is terrific. 

My labours at preparing food weren't in vain, as there was very little left by 
the end of the evening- which was great as I dreaded the prospect of having 
"leftovers" to contend with that would have likely lasted until the end of 
January. It took me about 16 hours to prepare everything, but I enjoyed getting 
the opportunity to throw such a party for this bunch of people. I haven't cooked
for anyone in a long time., as I have been on my own since August. (referring 
to Andrew's departure)

Ben Best brought a treasure trove of books, that were put on display in an 
adjoining room. I was able to get a hold of about 7 or 8 of them, before the 
selections got too lean. I'll let Ben report on how many books he was able to 
sell, if he feels inclined to do so. The remainder will remain stored for him, 
in my apartment, with the rest of the CSC equipment which has found its new home
here too.

Let me try and remember everyone that attended- forgive me if I get any of the 
details wrong:
Ben Best
Brent Erskine and Irene
Martha Olijnik
Stan Witkowski
Gary Tripp
Rudy Matic
Doug Quinn and Adrianna Baranyai
Bruce Waugh
Keith Henson and Arel
Allan Randall, and his parents who were visiting from Nova Scotia
Tony Taylor
Ahsan Rashid - a newcomer
Bob Skakie- a newcomer
Robert O'Rourke
Dennis- the transhumanist from India...sorry I don't know his last name
My parents, Jack and Maria Gaspar
and me

If I have forgotten anyone...sorry about that.

I had another agenda too, in that I wanted my parents to meet all of the CSC 
people, and vice versa. When I started expressing an active interest to them 
about cryonics, they weren't exactly supportive of the idea. Well, I have been 
working on them for the past couple of years. I can be very stubborn when I want
to be...and I think they are at the point now where they'd like to be suspended
too. It was great fun to see my folks partying with the Canadian cryonicists- 
and they really enjoyed it too.

I also got a chance to show everyone the finished copy of the interview I did, 
for tv, that will be aired on Global TV, on the 1/2 hr science and tech show 
"TKO" sometime in the new year. I think it was a very positive portrayal of 
cryonics on the part of the media, albeit a very brief spot on their show (2 
minutes tops). It was also my first experience talking about cryonics on tv- one
which I learned quite a bit from.

I look forward to our next function, and hopefully all of these people will be 
able to attend, and more too. I did get regrets from several invitees, due to 
the time of the year when this was held, so potentially, there could have easily
been another 5 people there at least...always working on next time though...

I want to thank everyone who came, for their interest, their energy, and for 
making the evening such a success. The CSC is an incredible organization of 
people, and this little group of ours is getting bigger and better all the time.
I can definitely see that our group cohesion gets stronger all the time  We 
have within us a huge potential to make cryonics great, and a success story of 
great magnitude, which will impact everyone, everywhere, at some point in the 
(near) future.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to everyone..

Christine Gaspar


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