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Subject: S.A. ???  Huh?
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 15:24:37 -0800

Replying to a post from yesterday on Cryonet....................................

Pizer = I know little about the SA situation, but their post was not very 
convincing to me.  Here are a few questions or suggestions that I hope will help
SA in the future

SA = Suspended Animation's (SA) building permit is rejected by Boca Raton

City Council.   January 13, 2004, brought what seems like another blow to the 
industry.  But receiving a negative response from the Boca Raton City
Council on their request for a building permit does very little in
hampering the Cryonics movement or the company itself.  The company
continues to be ready with its Remote Transport Service to support
members of cryonics organizations anywhere in the world.

Pizer = SA, you need to explain how you are "ready" to do a complete cryonics 
transport and wash out and perfusion if you have no legal place to do it.  Or is
there more to your situation that you have not informed us of?
SA = "We are a global support organization and this is only a small hiccup in
the long road to making cryonic suspension services available
worldwide." says the company's CEO, David Shumaker.  "We've already
finished what we needed to do in this facility through the completion of
our remote kits.  We are currently supporting cryonics members outside
of Boca Raton and will continue to do so."  He added.

Pizer = If you are only a "small hiccup" why are you even in business.  Why do 
we need you?  We need organizations that can save our lives - we don't want 
small hiccups to hold that position.  Don't try to belittle the loss you 
suffered by bureaucrats by saying you lost, but you aren't worth much so it was 
no loss.

 SA  "We had anticipated this." says David Hayes SA's COO, "and we have
already identified numerous other potential facilities.  We wanted to
stay where we were because of the assurances we were initially given
from the city compounded by the fact that we had most of our equipment
boxed up in the warehouse.  We didn't unpack everything because we
wanted to wait until every 'I' was dotted and 'T' was crossed."  Hayes
added, "We were warned from others in the industry to be weary until the
paperwork was processed and in our hands so that's what we did.  We
opened the office space and created a workshop area but did very little
work on the expensive labs and operating room."  

Pizer =  This sounds like BS.  (sorry)   If you anticipated you were going to 
lose why did you spend the resources to set up there in the first place?  The 
situation sounds like you made a mistake.  If you did, just admit it.

SA = "If we had moved forward with all of our plans and then got shut down by
the city council we would have been put out of business.  Now we will
just move to another facility in a more business friendly city."
Shumaker added, "This is a small bump in the road.  It simply slows down
our ability to offer some of our services inside this particular
building and most of our services are provided elsewhere."   Michael
Quinn, SA's Director of Research stated that "Most suspension work is
done at the patient site or at their storage facility and we are
providing those services right now."

Pizer = You need to explain this better.  Are you in business elsewhere?  Where?
Exactly how are you now providing service?
SA = "SA's real benefit to the Cryonics industry is our remote capability.
It is our ability to be at your bedside with professionally trained and
experienced personnel along with state of the art equipment" says Hayes.
"Our customers are located all over the world so these limitations don't
hinder our service capabilities. Our research facility in Boca Raton was
only that, a research facility to work on the creation of superior
equipment and services."  "In our current facility we completed the
design and development of a whole new series of remote equipment that
can be used anywhere in the world," Hayes says.  

 Pizer = You need to explain this better.  How are your services different than 
 Alcor's?  It more sounds like you are trying to duplicate Alcor's services but 
 offer them on the east coast.  But now it sounds like you have been ordered to 
 close down on the east coast.  If your remote services are like Alcor's and 
 your advantage (to those who live on the east coast) was your physical location
 and now you have lost your physical location, what is the need for your to be 
 in business?  How can you help  us cryonicists above and beyond what Alcor can 
 already do for us?

AS = "This facility actually had some pretty strong negatives; I'm glad that
we get to move into a more suitable place.  Some amazing doors are
opening for us now and for that I thank the City Council.  They've done
us a great service."  New equipment and partnership announcements are
expected over the next few months.  "You will see some great advances in
Cryonics technologies coming from us, very soon." Hayes commented.

 Pizer = This sounds like BS (sorry).  If the facility had some pretty strong 
 negatives it sound like bad management on our part for being there in the first
 place.  Why did you chose a place that had strong negatives instead of a place
 that had strong positives?

SA = SA expects to be able to announce their new location in the very near
future but is ready to fully support Cryonics members anywhere in the

 Pizer =  Again, it would help us to chose to support SA if you could justify 
 the expense (what is that number) of the creation of SA by explaining what SA 
 does that is above and beyond what Alcor already does.

Pizer =  I hope my comments can help you to present your position in a better 
way so that all of us *can* understand what you are really trying to say.  

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