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Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 18:12:29 -0800
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Behemians vs Kass
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>Subject: Another rant
>Hello again,
>Leon Kass and Co. are at it again. So, I just have to
>rant and rave again.
>Kass and Co. seem to have a problem with a childless
>world of immortal "young adults". This is precisely my
>dream world, the world I really want to live in and
>would be very happy.
>Such an "ageless" world will be much more bohemian
>than what we live in now. People will have 10-15year
>mini-careers between hanging out on the beaches and
>clubs of S.E. Asia or Latin America. There won't be
>any fixed life-pattern, like the pussy-whipped,
>brady-bunch U.S. that we currently live in.
>In fact, it will be alot like the places that I lived
>in from 1985 until three years ago (SoCal, Phoenix,
>and Tokyo). 
>I think the problem with people like Leon Kass is that
>they never lived the free and open life that came into
>vogue starting the early 70's. They never lived in a
>hippy commune in India or the surfer culture of SoCal.
>They never did a software start-up in Silicon Valley
>or hiked in Nepal. Leon kass and Co. are fuddy-duddies
>who live the traditional 50's life; where you get
>married, buy the house, have the 2.1 kids, grow old
>and die. They lack the imagination to understand the
>open, bohemian life that we expect to live in the 
>future. No wonder they think that an indefinitely-open
>life would be "without purpose".
This is the lifestyle I look forward to in part a t least for a while, 
probably not forever surely, at some point I hope to begin great 
adventures but will likely act quite freely throughout them. If Kass and 
Co. don't like it they can die and not do it but they should shut up 
about whether I/we can or should. Kass is neither my brother nor my keeper.


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