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Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 19:11:45 -0800
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Some thoughts to ponder
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>Message #23276
>Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 13:36:00 EST
>Subject: A Cure for Everything?

>Third, to the extent that fear or despondency are psychological rather than 

>chemical, there are many methods even now that sometimes help. Mae used to say

>we can choose whether to be cheerful or gloomy. That   s often easier said than
>done, but there is some truth in it. Most of us, most of the time, faced with 
>adversity, will piss and moan for a while and then get on with it.
This is what I've always believed. Even for me as bad as it sometimes 
gets, and it can and does get really bad. I've often had people exclaim, 
"I don't know how you do it, if it were me I don't think I could have 
lasted..." or words to this effect. This may well be true for a small 
percentage of the population but I truly feel for most we do put aside 
adversity after an initial period of complaint. Survival is too 
important to always be self absorbed in how bad one's life is at the 
moment to moment level. We occupy ourselves with tasks either for 
survival or entertainment, sometimes blurring the lines between these 
and we ignore the pain, displeasure, loneliness and even constantly 
feeling the illness or whatever and we keep on keeping on. I do and I 
must. Too much awaits me to give in now.  forget which philosopher it 
was that said this but he contemplated on the tortures f hell and 
posited that even those imagined in his medieval times would be after 
enough time converted to pleasurable by the human mind and will to 
survive. I cannot say the pain and ill feeling I endure daily approaches 
anything remotely near pleasurable but I am able to not think about it 
all the time and let whatever else comes to mind distract me from it. 
Contemplating adventures with my cryo friends is one pleasant distraction.

>Fourth and finally, nothing whatever is known for sure to be incurable. Our 
>resuscitees will awaken to a world of wonders, among which will CERTAINLY be 

>greatly enhanced techniques for rehabilitation. And of course the suicide 
>will presumably remain open if you decide the brave new world isn   t brave 
>enough   or a further period of suspended animation.
It would, I would conjecture, have to be rare indeed in such a time as 
the future we envision for someone to choose such an end but it brings 
to mind something that I have been pondering. Should we as a society, as 
I picture us becoming, as an intellectual beyond current human means 
society, and keeping in mind the possibility of infinitesimal tweaking 
of brain activity both chemical and neuro-electronic -- where depression 
should surely by then be banished, allow someone to end their life on 
the grounds they are displeased with current reality? How might reality 
change that could make their complaint moot in time, even a comparably 
short time? Could their desire ever be considered wholly rational? This 
is of course considering aside for this argument such things as 
rationally choosing euthanasia to say avoid something like further brain 
damage from something akin to prion disease as such things by then 
should be curable. Would we simply say they have the right to such 
autonomy regardless of how unprofitable it would truly be for 
themselves, their family, their friends, and yes, the whole of society? 
Would we perhaps commit someone to suspension rather than allow their 
permanent loss when they might actually at a later time be grateful for 
not being allowed to have been lost to oblivion by less than rational 
and hasty choice? After all, how would we judge a decision to be hasty 
in a time when change would be so dynamic as to make any length of time 
from seconds to thousands of years not enough time to make such a 
permanent decision upon?

I haven't formed yet a solid lasting personal view on this. For myself, 
for now at least, I know I would demand autonomy, damn the consequences 
no one rules me but me! Even still, I can imagine being grateful 
possibly if saved from a rash decision to find myself awaking in a 
completely different reality from the one that might have prompted such 
an act.


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