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Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 04:01:20 +0800 (CST)
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Subject: More on Kass & Co.

Sometime ago, I ran across a piece on the internet
written by one of Kass's cronies, Francis Fukayama. He
was against the idea of an "ageless" society because
many people would chose not to have kids. He thought
that it was sucha horrible thing that people might
instead be into doing things like living the
adventurous life in S.E. Asia or sailing around the
world, rather than living the 1950's leave it to
beaver lifestyle.

This just illustrates the cluelessness that Kass & Co.
have about modern life. Most people don't live the
leave it to beaver life anymore anyways. Something
like 30-60% (depending on ethnic group) of kids are
born to single parents. Other people (like moi) have
lived the international expat life-style, and seek to
become fianacially independent in order to "drop-out"
and live the expat life in S.E. Asia (or Belize, or
Mexico). The leave it top beaver life really doesn't
have much to recommend it. 

Worse, it hasn't sunk into the brain of francis
Fukayama that the worse thing for a society is kids
that are unwanted. Pressuring people who do not want
to have kids, into having kids, has got to be dumbest
idea that anyone could ever think of.

I think that Kass & Co. will fail in their agenda just
on the basis of their cluelessness on life, in



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