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From: "David Pizer" <>
Subject: More questions for SA
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 20:08:41 -0800

In follow up of my questions about Suspended Animation here are some more
questions that I hope you folks at SA have thought about.  If not, I hope
these questions can help you be better prepared.  I know that questions like
this are on other cryonicists' minds.

How do you plan to rescue people "worldwide."

Have you done a thorough study of the many different
 laws in European nations, regarding disposition of human
 remains and the removal of cadavers without autopsy?

Have you researched the various complexities of air shipment of
 cadavers in the post-9/11 climate?

Do you have people who  speak foreign languages, ready to fly out to Europe
or Asia?

Do you know how to transport a non-US  citizen through customs authorities
into the USA after legal

How do you operate now?  Do you have another home base to operate out of
besides Boca Raton?  As you probably know, Arizona is the most
cryonics-friendly state that we now know of.  When Alcor moved here, the
mayor of Scottsdale  (Herb Drinkwater) invited Alcror's president to his
office and welcome him.  That mayor has sinced died, however another council
person (at the time) who is now the mayor of Scottsdale was once asked by a
reporter what she thought of Alcor moving to Arizona (hoping to bait her to
make a negative comment).  Mary Manross (now mayor of Scottsdale but then a
council person) said something like:  We (City of Scottsdale) have the
Scottsdale Memorial Hospital, one of the best of it's type.  If they can't
help the patient we now have world famous Mayo Clinic.  If they can't help,
we also have Alcor.

I am not saying that Arizona will always stay the most cryonics-friendly
state in the union, but I have lived here for 60 years and I have always
seen a sort of "live and let live" attitude familiar in the good old western

Part of the reason Alcor did well here is that Steve Bridge and others did
some homework and asked local officials a lot of questions *before* we moved
here.  Perhaps it would pay (save you some serious money) to consult with
Steve and get him to visit some of the Florida officials with you.?

Best of luck in the future.


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