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Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 14:19:49 EST
Subject: Legacy vs. cryonics objection, more of the BIG LIE EXPOSED.

In a message dated 1/28/2004 5:04:26 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
An excerpt from an interview with Brian Alexander on Next News should
be of interest to cryonet subscribers:
"And no, I'd never be frozen. I don't think cryonics will ever work. I have 

nothing against those who want to give it a shot. I don't think they are loony.
But I'd rather create some other legacy with whatever money I have left at 
the end rather than sinking into a tank of liquid nitrogen." 
(Rudi Hoffman writing below)

The above is quoted from an interview Randy Wicker did.  This is not HIS 
quote, but the other participant, evidently Brian Alexander.

Once again, the FINANCIAL element of cryonics is the MISCONCEPTION here. 

Once again, LIFE INSURANCE FUNDING is the answer.  Life insurance creates 
this huge TAX FREE, CREDITORPROOF, and IMMEDIATE lump sum of money, which can 
increase your estate and fund your suspension.

And, because the money is seemingly created from "magic," it does NOT reduce 
the amount going to the heirs!  This eliminates a HUGE objection, and source 

of potential ill feelings and/or legal actions from the survivors of folks like
you and I.  (Yes, I know the money is not really magically created.  But the 
effect on the recipients and beneficiaries can be quite close, as I can tell 
you from the experience of actually DELIVERING these large lump sums.)

Many of my best cryonics clients have literally millions or tens of millions 
in net worth.  They could obviously afford to fund their suspension with 
"cash" or assets at "death."

But, like most wealthy people, they understand the ENORMOUS leverage afforded 
by life insurance.  You literally CREATE an instant estate with pennies on 
the dollar.  

So, I know you have read this before from me in this venue and others. 

But it obviously, like the general memes of cryonics and immortalism, has not 
penetrated the mass mind.  

Here is the sound bite that the above quoted individual, and many other good 
cryonics prospects, simply don't yet get:


Excuse the "shouting" capitalization, but this is the SINGLE most important 
factor for this movement to begin the increase toward critical mass of people 
we need to have sign up.

Yes, I know there are technical, scientific, logistic, psychological, 
sociological problems that are significant roadblocks. 

But the reality is that most people who sign up for cryonics have, as a 

matter of course, minimized these in their own minds and hearts where behavioral
decisions are made.  

But most people do NOT realize they could be potentially immortal for the 
amount of money they spent on their latte at Starbucks today.

Here endeth the rant.  

But, PLEASE, dear cryonet friends and supporters.  Make SURE that people you 
care about understand how your cryonic suspension is funded.  

You are not taking food from the mouths of your widows and orphans to throw 
it away selfishly in a vain attempt at a technological fix for death.  

You are investing a small affordable amount of money to potentially protect 
the most valuable commodity on the planet, the individual human mind.  This is 
GENUINE altruism.

Thanks for being there, Y'all.

Yours for Centuries,

Rudi Hoffman CFP 

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