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Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 11:08:18 EST
Subject: Wall Street Journal Article, call for Cryonicists

Hello, Dear Cryoneters:

Rudi Hoffman from Daytona, FL, here.  

I have been in correspondence with a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, a 
Science reporter.  Antonio Regalado by name, he is interested in the 
FINANCIAL aspects of cryonics.

(Well, I wonder if I jumped on this...LOL!)  Irony intended.

He is mainly interested in doing an article on "CRYONICS TRUSTS" or "WEALTH 
PRESERVATION" or something along this line.  

So, he asked WHO has such a trust or mechanism in place.  "Well..." I said... 
"I have written perhaps half a dozen policies designed to fund a cryonics 

trust.  But I cannot say with certainty that the people have gone on to see 
attorneys, and make the necessary arrangements to make sure everything is 
properly funded." 

"But, you could use me, Rudi Hoffman, as an example.  I have a trust, the 

Hoffman Prototype Cryonics Trust, and it is funded with a life insurance policy
of about $500,000.  This, at reasonable rates of return, will grow to over ONE 
BILLION dollars in about 67 years.  I happen to think this is DAMN 

Rather humorously, he said to me, "I would really rather like to find someone 
else, a "Joe Sixpack" who has done this, not a fellow who has the obvious 
vested interest of doing cryonics life insurance estate planning."  

I said, smiling, "Unfortunately, Mr. Regalado, we don't have very many "Joe 
Sixpacks" signing up for cryonics yet, much less do we have folks thinking far 
enough ahead to actually set up cryonics funding for the financial needs upon 

The bottom line is that I need people I can refer this guy to have put some 
kind of financial arrangements in place upon possible resuscitation.  Even if 
you are only in process, or are not sure everything is in place, if you have 
THOUGHT along this line, and can document your activities, let's not let this 

chance for some GOOD publicity get away.  There must be a spin we can use for a
CRYONICS themed article which this guy's readers would be FASCINATED by. 

Please email me privately at , or you can reply back to 
Cryonet if you prefer.  This is a chance for some free and hopefully GOOD 

publicity with a very influential and wealthy demographic of readership we could
some good exposure from.  But the people I have approached so far (I will tell 
you privately their names, if you want) have elected to not go "public" with 
their cryonics trust arrangements.  (This does not make them sissies, just 


Rudi Hoffman CFP CLU

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