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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 00:18:07 EST
Subject: Aorta reference

Hello all:

In speaking and writing letters supporting cryonics I often mention that 

conventional medicine freezes, stores,  and successfully thaws tissues as large 
an aorta (which is about the size of a forked section of garden hose.) I say 
this because I read it somewhere, but I now cannot find the reference.  I 

checked on Google and found a tissue supply house, which I think advertised 
But when I emailed them about aortas they did not respond.

I checked old issues of Journal of Cryobiology (I think that's the name) but 
found nothing.

It is important, if challenged, to be able to point to a paper in a respected 
conventional journal or textbook.   Does anyone know a good source for aortas 
at LN temperatures?  And while we're at it, for the largest animals recovered 
from those temperatures too?

Any help appreciated,

Alan Mole 

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