X-Message-Number: 23377
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 15:30:42 -0500
Subject: David Hayes & David Pizer's Questions

On January 24 (#23308) and January 28 (#23330), David Pizer posted a total 
of 14 questions for David Hayes and/or Suspended Animation, Inc. Has anyone 
else on Cryonet noticed that these have not even been acknowledged much 
less answered?  Does anybody but me (and maybe David Pizer) care?

I believe that the successful development of another service provider, SA, 
would be a good thing.  So I emailed David Hayes and suggested that his 
response to David Pizer's questions on Cryonet would likely enhance SA's 
credibility as a new cryonics service provider.  Unfortunately, I got a 
response that said nothing, but instead essentially asked me who I was to 
provide SA with business advice.

Well, I still think it would be helpful to everyone for Hayes to answer 
Pizer's questions.  I urge him to do so.  I urge other concerned Cryonet 
readers to urge him to do so.

Some of the questions seem to me to be very simple to answer.  Such as 
Pizer's second question where he obviously misunderstands Hayes' remark 
about "small hiccup."  The context tells me that "small hiccup" refers to 
the problem with the Boca Raton zoning department, rather than being a 
description by Hayes of SA.  I think I'm reading that correctly.  Clearing 
up that misunderstanding would easily answer Pizer's question.

Other questions sound quite important to me - having to do with how SA is 
able to operate at all after the Boca Raton zoning decision, if they are 
operating for service provision from elsewhere and where would that be, if 
research is being done, what and where, etc.  Pizer's questions relative to 
"why do we need anybody else but Alcor?" seem a bit short-sighted, but 
answering them would give SA the opportunity of explaining more clearly how 
they intend to complement the existing cryonics organizations and what 
their current capabilities are.

Silence, however, often means "we have something to hide."  My take of the 
majority of cryonicists is they have no respect for that, but do respect 
forthrightness (even accompanied by admission of a mistake, if applicable).

SA, you have the floor.

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