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From: "David Pizer" <>
Subject: Questions
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 21:17:19 -0800

Replying to yesterday's Cryocomment --  
    "........  Pizer's questions relative to 
    "why do we need anybody else but Alcor?" seem a bit short-sighted, but 

    answering them would give SA the opportunity of explaining more clearly how
        they intend to complement the existing cryonics organizations and what 
    their current capabilities are.

Sorry.  If my question came off like that I apologize.   Of course I can think 
of many reasons why we might need other different companies.  What I wanted to 
ask is something like .. What are the reasons SA feels it brings more value to 
the cryonet movement.  What are the differences (benefits) SA offers over Alcor,
if any?  Or if SA enhances Alcor in some way, how is that.  ...............  
Because if SA is just a duplication of what Alcor can also offer, and SA is at 
the same price or more, then it would seem that the money being spent on SA 
could be spent with better results adding new options to the total cryonics 

Even if SA were an exact duplicate of some of Alcor's services, one can make the
argument that duplication is good in case Alcor should go kaput.  But 
duplication is not alwas as good as better stuff instead.

I don't see Alcor as being unable to handle the present amount of "business" in 
the cryonics movement.  So more of the exact same (if that is what SA is - and I
am not saying that is what SA is, I am trying to find out what SA is), is not 
what we need, nearly as much as we need better preparation to go into the tank.
We need more cell preservation.  At this early stage of cryonics,  we need 
better and/or different options, more than we need duplication.

In any case I did not mean my questions to be a negative to SA.  They are just 
questions that I think many of us want to know.  I am reassured now about this 
as I have had several prominent cryonicists send me private messages thanking me
for asking those questions  - I did not expect that.

Anyhow, to SA, I think this is a good time to explain in detail what you do, and
what are the similarities and what are the differences between you and the 
other service providers.


David  Pizer 

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