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Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 19:25:33 -0800
Subject: Re: time limit on embryo storage
From: Kennita Watson <>

John de Rivaz wrote:

>> Message #23371
>> From: Mike Perry <>
>> Subject: Re: time limit on embryo storage
>> I'm curious why there would be legal restrictions on how long one can
> store
>> embryos. Why the five- or ten-year limit? Is there fear that long-term
>> storage would cause extra damage?
>> Mike Perry
> I think there are several reasons:
> 1. the James Bond Myth: A "Mr Big" could obtain an "unfair" advantage 
> for
> his offpsring by leaving their embryos together with an initially small
> amount of money in an offshore trust for 1000 years to be reanimated 
> rich
> and powerful in the future.
> 2. Uninformed opinion based on sci-fi horror stories: Some probably
> unfounded perception of a risk that deformed children could result who 
> would
> be a burden on the state
> 3. Pecking order: small minded officals enjoying power over others,
> particularly men over women. News media sometimes shows reasonably
> attractive women being distressed over this rule. (They usually are 
> less
> likey to make the news if they are not attractive.)
> I cannot think of any logical or sensible reason.

You missed the one I thought of first:  people who expect to die "soon"
may think that in more than ten or fifteen years the parents would be
old to raise and take care of the resulting child.  Also, it limits how 
the storage company has to keep samples.

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