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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 00:24:21 EST
Subject: Wakfers Wonderment

In a message dated 3/18/2004 5:00:37 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
This entire exchange has been quite revealing to me and something I never
expected with my very first message. It has also been very disappointing to
realize that someone I thought highly of does not see the need to be
complete and unambiguous in his descriptions of the relationship between his
"work" and his employment.

**Kitty Antonik Wakfer
Dear Cryoneters,  

This is Rudi Hoffman, writing from Daytona, FL.  Dawn and I just returned 

from a wonderful ten day cruise, to many islands in the Caribbean.  A great 

Of course, I had to catch up on Cryonet, to see if the letters many of us 

wrote to the Arizona Legislature were effective.  The bottom line of that seems
to be "apparently not."  I share the distrust of politicians and regulators 
felt by many antiauthoritarians reading this list.  

But the letter from Joe Waynick clarified that we must be somewhat 

circumspect in our correspondence with these folks.  While we may feel they have
"nazilike qualities," it is probably best to leave this out of a request for a 
vote on a given bill.  But I digress from the stated topic of this posting.

But what was striking to me, as I read ten days of Cryonet in a row, is the 
dialogue between Kitty Antonik Wakfer and Dr. Aubrey DeGrey.  

Paul, who claimed he resigned from this list in disgust some weeks ago, must 
be either ghostwriting or helping on these Wakfer writings.   I could be wrong 
in this, but it does not matter if I am, as the spirit of the message would 
remain the same. 

The style is EXACTLY Paul Wakfer.  Intelligent, articulate, detailed, and 

still managing to primarily have the result of making someone wrong with no 
cut positive outcome.  

I don't mean to become a target of Paul and Kitty Wakfer.  And, as an 

example, I will NOT respond or try to be "right" about this.   In fact, I should

probably do what would be a good example and simply email this personally 
further cluttering this forum.  There will be no ten day dialogue on this 
matter, at least not on my part.  I will let any shots across the bow go 

But, may I suggest again, many of my fellow futurenauts would do well to read 
"How to Win Friends and Influence People" or take a Dale Carnegie course.  

(Heck, _I need to read it again because it is SO easy to forget basics in human
relations!)  Because it is not enough to be "right."  If we are to get along 

and enjoy each other, it is sometimes helpful to simply be bigger than an issue
which has the power to permanently destroy relationships.  We must master not 
just the facts, but the challenge of what facts are worthy of damaging future 

The reality is that everyone wants to feel important.  And, because we are 

all unique human beings we ARE important.   That is why many of us feel that we
as individuals are worthy of being around for a long time.  

Paul and Kitty, you have outstanding talents to offer the life extension and 
cryonics community.  And I happen to agree with much of what I understand of 
your ideologies.  But may I respectfully suggest that the ability you have to 
"make people wrong" runs the risk of overshadowing any contributions or ideas 
you have.  In short, stop pissing people off just to prove how smart you are 
and that you can do it.  

Please know that I will NOT engage in a dialogue on this, I am NOT trying to 
be arrogant, or even be "right," but someone probably needs to say something 
of this nature in a reasonably friendly way. 

Warmly and Sincerely Yours,

Rudi Hoffman

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