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Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 23:41:01 -0800
Subject: Re: FDGD Plans
From: Kennita Watson <>

"Fred C. Moulton" <> wrote:
> ...
>  The are several contexts involved here (for simplicity sake):
> 1. Everything related to cryonics that anyone can think of
> 2. Things related to Alcor
> 3. Things related to Frozen Dead Guy Days
> It can be argued that 2 and 3 might be subsets of 1 but that is not the
> point.  The point is that we must not mix 2 and 3 together.  The minute
> that Alcor shows up at Frozen Dead Guy Days you have mixed the context
> and Alcor will even further lose control of its PR image.

A useful set of data points in my planning would be:  What is Alcor's
PR image now, and with whom (it's likely different for different
groups, different subsets of groups, single groups, and even
individuals within those groups)?  How likely is that image to be
swayed by any of a number of possible inputs?  Are we trying to
keep from "further losing control" of a tornado?

> The more that
> Alcor is associated with goofy things like Frozen Dead Guy Days the
> harder it will be for Alcor to be accepted by the scientific and 
> medical
> communities.

What does it mean for Alcor to be accepted by the scientific and
medical communities?  Are they the same communities?  If not,
where do (and don't) they overlap?  To what extent would they be
influenced by our being "associated" with the FDGD festival?
Would different modes of "association" make a difference?

>  Message control and message presentation are critical.
> ...
That may be true, but if so, I can't say that Alcor or any of
the other cryonics organizations has done much to convince me
that they have perfected said control or said presentation.

Not that this will help, but a friend to whom I explained some of
this tonight said "Nothing you do could be any worse than the Ted
Williams jokes on Jay Leno -- go for it!".  So much for message
control :-) .

Live long and prosper,
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
none but ourselves can free our minds.
           -- Bob Marley, "Redemption Song"

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