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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 06:24:57 -0800
Subject: Re:The ignoring tactic
From: Kennita Watson <>

"Paul Pagnato" <> wrote:
> Regards Kennita,
> A sincere recommendation is to simply and immediately ignore all 
> aspects
> of Kennita. Respectfully, we all are aware of the negative images she
> will portray.

Let's see.  I prefer asking to speculation, but I don't want to
come across as being willfully ignorant, so I will suggest the
ones I've heard about as a starting point, at the risk of putting
words in your mouth.

- That (my presence at the Frozen Dead Guy Days proves that)
Alcor is an organization of flakes and crackpots who need to
be controlled for the good of society.

- That (my presence at the Frozen Dead Guy Days proves that)
Alcor is an organization whose unconventional burial procedures
need to be controlled for the sake of the public health.

- That (my presence at the Frozen Dead Guy Days proves that)
Alcor is an organization of shysters and scammers who need
go be controlled so protect people's livelihoods and
those of their survivors.

I could probably go to various Web sites to find more, but
if you can think of any, please let me know.  Negative
images that you feel are inevitable and ones that you feel
are salvageable but I will likely screw up are both
welcome input.

The words in parentheses are there to justify the words "will
portray" rather than "might portray", which would imply that I
could do something about it (which I think I can, with sufficient
preparation and personableness) (and compassion:  "They don't
care what you know until they know that you care.").

> We can't stop her but we don't want to feed her ego and make her go 
> and become the center of attraction as the surpressed, deficient child 
> of Cryonics.

??!? .  I stared at that in disbelief for a long time.  Then I
thought I must be misunderstanding you.  Yes, I have been posting
a lot lately, but it's not to feed my ego.  It's so I (possibly
with whoever wants to join me) can try something different with as
much information under my belt as possible.  Nobody would be
making me go anywhere.  I'm pretty sure I won't be anywhere near
the center of attraction; beside the Frozen T-Shirt Contest I'll
probably hardly be noticed (having run for political office as a
Libertarian many times, I'm used to it).  I don't, and won't, feel
suppressed in any case -- it's true that people have the right to
pay attention to whatever they find worth that attention.  (Just
a note:  I'm less likely to be the center of attention of someone
comes out into the limelight with me.)  I don't understand
"deficient" at all.  Deficient in what?

Certainly going to a festival as "the surpressed, deficient child of
Cryonics" wouldn't make a good impression -- it sounds like a downer,
and my only hope of winning over festival attendees is to be cheerful
and optimistic.

> Like a puppy dog, without attention they will go away. No mention, 
> contact, or anything about Kennita is the best way to resolve this 
> possible future embarassment.

Sometimes puppies who are ignored go away and chew your shoes.  Not
like I will, but I've seen it happen.  In truth, this may be what's
happened with the Arizona legislature; maybe Alcor didn't speak to
them enough.  It's never safe to leave politicians to their own

At least you say "possible".  I'll try not to do that to you (or
to myself).

> Respectfully,


> Paul and Rosemarie
Live long and prosper,
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
none but ourselves can free our minds.
           -- Bob Marley, "Redemption Song"

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