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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 07:35:32 -0800 (PST)
From: Scott Badger <>
Subject: Re: Kennita

Kennita wrote:

"That may be true, but if so, I can't say that Alcor
or any of the other cryonics organizations has done
much to convince me that they have perfected said
control or said presentation.
Not that this will help, but a friend to whom I
explained some of this tonight said "Nothing you do
could be any worse than the Ted Williams jokes on Jay
Leno -- go for it!".  So much for message control :-)"

"Not that this will help" is exactly right. Your
friend's opinion is not helpful as far as I can tell,
but the fact that you include it in your message
communicates that for you it has somehow reinforced
your position. Is your friend part of the cryonics

Kennita, I don't even have a strong stand on whether
you should go or not, but that has no longer become
the issue in my mind. I understand what a rugged
individualistic libertarian type personality you have,
and I respect your right to do whatever... as  long as
it doesn't harm others in your community. You're
ignoring the wishes of about 90% of the community that
has spoken up so far from what I can tell... a
slightly better sampling than your n of 1 poll. 

Have you called ALCOR and CI to ask their PR people if
they think this would be a good idea? What's their

When I wrote to the legislators protesting Stump's
bill, I received a reply from Stump telling me how
naive I was; how uncritically I was accepting ALCOR's
argument that it was a bad bill. I immediately drafted
a reply, but first ran it past ALCOR who asked me not
to send the reply (it wasn't caustic, I just told
Stump that if he thought I was so uncritical that he
should provide me with his counter-arguments to the
talking points ALCOR had presented).

I did this out of courtesy and respect to ALCOR and to
my fellow cryonicists. You've always seemed such a
well-reasoned person. I find it hard to understand why
you have become so defensive and firm in your position
here. Please tell us how it is that you are better
informed and more capable than the cryonics
organizations in which we place our trust and in the
general consensus of your peers.

Scott Badger, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Idaho

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