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Date: 24 Mar 2004 03:01:39 -0000
Subject: Re: Alcor/FDGD

Kennita wrote:
> I've gone through all the Cryonets since the topic came up (3/13/04).
> The opinions re me (not necessarily Alcor officially) going to FDGD
> seem to shake out like this:
> 6 AGAINST: Fred Moulton (Other names deleted)
I want to be clear that I have no problem with Kennita going a private
person, what I am concerned about is the use of the Alcor name or logo
or any other thing which would connect her activities at FDGD and Alcor.
The reason I bring this up is television and print images.  TV archives
collect images and once an image is in their archives you have very little
control over its use.  TV stations and networks which are affilated can
share archive footage and what is important to remember that often images
are used with the original sound.  Still photos in newspapers and magazines
have the same issue.

Let me paint a picture:
Another political issue arises. Some TV station wants a news story, time is
short, they find they have some Alcor footage in archive.  So as background
for the evening news there is a picture of a booth with the Alcor logo
next to the booth selling Tshirts with the picture of a man in a freezer.
This will not do much for the public image of Alcor.

Let me paint a second picture (Scene - two university reseachers over lunch):
First Reseacher: So what new reseach plans do you have?
Second Reseacher: Not sure yet. A couple of proposals on the table. Plus I
just got something in the mail from a group called Alcor what wants to do
some joint research on cryoprotectants.  I haven't heard of them and have
only had time to skim the mail.
First Researcher (laughing): Alcor?  Yeah, I saw them on TV on a show about
a party in Colorado called Frozen Dude or something.
Second Researcher (Mumbles something and gets busy with lunch) and is less
likely to have a good opinion of Alcor.

Kennita, I understand that you have asked a lot of people about it.  First
please be aware that the responses of these people are not what I am
talking about.  Instead consider the responses of people who see a TV show
about some small town event that is kind of goofy and think that since they
see the Alcor logo on a booth that Alcor is also kind of goofy.  Alcor is
not goofy, this is very serious.  The key is to not have Alcor in a position
to be laughed at - remember Dukakis in the tank helment.

I can not emphasize how important a professional PR image is for Alcor. Alcor
needs to be able present a serious image to professional and scientific
organizations.   The key is to have the correct image and impact on
persons who shape opinions.

Just because Alcor may have not had perfect PR in the past is no reason to
make things worse in the future.  And please note that the reason I use
Alcor in these examples is because I am signed up with Alcor.  I think my
comments apply equally well to Alcor or any other Cryonics services provider.

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