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Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 17:24:05 -0800
From: "John Grigg" <>

Subject: Why mainstream cryonics SHOULD be represented at the "Frozen Dead Guy" 

Charles Platt wrote:
Kennita, I wouldn't give a damn, except that you are
screwing with my life. I have already presented you with the
best possible evidence that people who do wacky stuff (such
as freezing your father in the back yard without getting
permission, as a result of which the town outlaws cryonics)
are NOT HELPFUL to everyone else. An Arizona legislator
mentioned a similar case as "evidence" that all cryonics is a
sham, and therefore should be regulated into oblivion. He is
not the only person who thinks this way. Why do you want to
give more ammunition to our enemies?

I think Charles is having a knee-jerk response to Kennita's potentially good 
idea of "showing the flag" there.  Kennita doing this all on her own may not be 
the best idea in the sense that perhaps no one should try to do it alone (unless
Alcor backs out and even then a group effort would be best).  But by NOT having
a mainstream cryonics booth/representative there, we are setting ourselves up 
by default to be in a position where we end up looking really bad (as we get 
lumped in with Trygve's inept attempt at "do it yourself" body preservation by 
the public & media).  

If Alcor or the Society for Venturism were to set up a very professional looking
booth which was manned by friendly, balanced and knowledgeable people, we could
do some good and offset a great deal of potential longterm derision from a 
festival which perhaps could be said to openly mock our goals.

So I think the big question here is this..., do we have the people, money, 
resources and will to set up a booth there and make a good impression on the 
media and the festival goers?  I hope we do.

Rudi Hoffman did give some great ideas for what we could do either in place of a
booth or in conjunction with it.  I hope Alcor and its membership will choose 
to hit this festival from every angle to turn things in our favor.


best wishes,

John Grigg
Society for Venturism           
Alcor member

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