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Subject: Re: FDGD
From: "Fred C. Moulton" <>
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Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 22:15:34 -0500

Kennita wrote:
> This brings up something I've been thinking about.  While I am an
> Alcor member, I am going to FDGD not to promote Alcor, but to
> promote cryonics as a whole.  That being the case, it may make the
> most sense for me to create my own organization, or find another
> organization not associated directly one of the major cryonics
> providers, to sponsor this venture.

I am less concerned about a generic booth saying "Cryonics Information"
than I am one with the Alcor logo on it.

> Someplace quiet enough to talk would be good.  A place to fill
> out forms would be even better.

You may want to be careful.  I am not sure what you mean by "forms",
but appearing to be too pushy can have a negative impact.  If there
is a rumor that cryonics is a scam then you may want to soft pedal 
the "forms" so that they are not a major part of what you are doing.
If it is to be an info booth, I suggest the main focus stay on info
not recruitment.  If I was doing a booth I would want to be sure to
avoid looking like a Scientologist out for fresh meat but I am sure
that you have already thought of this.

> Who are the persons who shape opinions in the context of cryonics?
> What are they likely to see and hear?  Are there few enough of them
> that we would want to target them directly?  Who would already know?

For example scientific and professional societies or journalists who
specialize in science and tech.  Now might not be the time to approach 
the scientific community so lets consider writers and journalists. Some
are free-lance and some are connected with a publication, station or
network.  There are a couple of approaches, one is personal/small group
and the other is large group.

For example the Phoenix/Tucson areas probably have several science and
technology (NOT religion or lifestyle or misc) journalists who
work for the top media in the area.  Pick about six.  Invite them in for
"Select Media" event, a 2-3 hour information meeting just for them. 
Feed them a very good lunch.  Give them a good introduction and tour.
Make sure that each gets a first class media packet.  It 
should contain a CD with images and with text which lends itself to
being sited and quoted (with limited permission to republish
in their media) as well as general reference material, FAQs.  A DVD
with some very good video again with limited permissions for them to
use it.  Both the CD and DVD must be top quality, professionally done;
not churned out on someone's PC with a label slapped on.

For a larger group look into the meetings professional writers and
journalists.  For example, the National Association of Science Writers
has a chapter which covers Arizona up to Montana. The name of the 
chapter is Science Writers Association of the Rocky Mountains and
they seem to have some meetings with Caf  Scientifique.  From what I
found on the web these meetings are somewhat low key and held at
a pub so it might be a good launching pad for talking with science 
writers and persons interested in science.  Next consider another
group such as the American Medical Writers Association.

Are these the specific groups we should focus on? No. Not necessarily.
I just mention them as examples of the kind of thinking that needs to
be done.  Learn who will be writing print stories, who will be doing
radio and TV and find out their professional organizations.  PR
like most things, takes hard work to be done well.  A database
of organizations and contacts needs to be developed with a long range
(years, not months) plan.

I hope and expect that Alcor and the other cryonics associations have
already long ago began work on this type of PR work. Marketing is
a key factor in the success of almost any organization.  It is all
well and good to speak to a few people a day but the person you
really want to speak with is the person who writes the article or 
does the radio/TV show that is seen by people who want to influence.
In the past few weeks that has been politicians.  So you need to 
begin finding out who the politicians listen to and why.  What print
or radio or TV item will always get their attention.  Being able to
talk to a politician is fine but being able to have had a long term
relationship with a journalist (and their media outlet) who reaches
hundreds of thousands of people as well as the politician is great.

Marketing is important.  It is more complex than many people realize.


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