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Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 09:37:58 -0800
From: "John Grigg" <>
Subject: Getting wacked by the Wakfers & FDGF booth

Rudi wrote:

Paul, who claimed he resigned from this list in disgust some weeks ago, must be 
either ghostwriting or helping on these Wakfer writings.   I could be wrong in 
this, but it does not matter if I am, as the spirit of the message would remain 
the same. 

The style is EXACTLY Paul Wakfer.  Intelligent, articulate, detailed, and still 
managing to primarily have the result of making someone wrong with no 
clear cut positive outcome.  

I don't mean to become a target of Paul and Kitty Wakfer.  And, as an example, I
will NOT respond or try to be "right" about this.   In fact, I should

probably do what would be a good example and simply email this personally 
without further cluttering this forum.  There will be no ten day dialogue on 
matter, at least not on my part.  I will let any shots across the bow go 

Rudi, you may not have MEANT to become a target, but... LOL  I can see why Kitty
took offense and I'm surprised you did not realize what your writing seemed to 
strongly imply.  Considering the time couples spend together, it does not 
surprise me that their thoughts and even writing styles become at times quite 

It looks like if Paul Wakfer has all those good qualities you mentioned, that he
married a gal with similar traits.  After all, tigers mate with other 
tigers(and even paper tigers can give bad papercuts)!    

The matter regarding Aubrey deGrey's credentials is very important and I agree 
with Kitty on how vital it is to have total honesty in regards to such things.  
Dr. deGrey's work & efforts are very laudable, but it would take just one 
journalist to rend him apart in an article on this subject, and we as a result 
might lose a major proponant of our cause due to the ugly aftermath.

I realize Dr. deGrey lives in a world where credentials are worshipped and a key
to accessing certain circles.  I admit that even without a biology related 
doctorate he could still do great things, but he must be careful.  I wonder if 
he has considered going back to school to get a biology Phd?  Perhaps he feels 
he no longer has the time.

My "fantasy team" for the Frozen Dead Guy Festival booth would be myself, Rudi, 
Paul & Kitty, Kennita, and Charles Platt.  If computers were sophisticated 
enough, I would run simulations to see what the results were!  One would 
probably be Charles going to a local bar to drown his sorrows at the very 
thought of being in such an intolerable situation. lol  

If a non-Alcor cryonics booth is set up, I agree that it needs to be done right.
As Kennita stated, we have more than enough time to work out all the details.
I just hope the naysayers realize there is no dissuading her so we must focus 
on making sure things are done as well as possible & and that she is not forced 
to go it alone.  

John Grigg    


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