X-Message-Number: 23747
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 09:48:42 -0800
Subject: Re:Frozen dead Guy Days
From: Kennita Watson <>

> "John de Rivaz" <> wrote:
> My position on this is unsure I would agree. ... there are clear
> arguments on both sides as why it is a good or not a good idea.

Fair enough.
> One thing I do think is very important is to get the right information 
> out
> there, ie to educate people about the many misconceptions. A lot of
> authoritarians are neither for or against cryonics but could take a 
> stance
> one way or the other based on false premises. Once they have taken a 
> stance,
> they feel that they would lose credibility as an authority figure if 
> they
> change their viewpoint because of new knowledge. ...

So a la Schrodinger's Cat, we don't know when a given
politician will have his mind made up.  Thus it would
follow that the sooner we can get to them, the better.

> But I do take the point that a smear campaign could use as a picture an
> Alcor stand next to some silly and flippant stand at any convention. I 
> would
> imagine that this is a risk with these events.

Point taken; I'll be keeping it in mind when I design
the booth.

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