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Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 13:24:22 -0800 (PST)
From: Jeff Davis <>
Subject: I support Kennita

Kennita and Cryonetistas all,

> Dan Hitt <> wrote:
> Subject: i hope we can all learn from you

> I'm really impressed by the way you've answered 
> those who disagree with you.  I think you illustrate

> Professor's Ettinger's remarks to the effect that we

> promote our cause by being likeable.  "A soft answer

> turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up 
> anger."

Amen to that!

I also rise in support of Kennita's upbeat and
fun-filled proposal.

At a festival people are likely to be in a festive
mood.  You know, upbeat, jolly, warm, open, sociable,
jocular, playful, etc.  In such an atmosphere people
are likely to be receptive.  In such an atmosphere one
can let down one's hair, so to speak, be light and
breezy, enjoy the humorous aspects of the human
condition, which are many, laugh at oneself even, and
have others laugh at and with you, and no one take
offense.  In such an atmosphere cryonics might become
associated with a smile, a chuckel, a jovial nature,
hopefulness, human comity, social harmony, and all the
usual suspects of the cult of the warm and fuzzy.  Oh
horrors!  (For those who may be 'challenged', that
last is sarcasm,... but with a smile ;-})  

Which stands in stark contrast to the humorless,
contentious, cranky, uncooperative, petulant,
ego-driven, acrid atmosphere so often to be found here
on the cryonet.  So often, in fact, that a visitor to
the cryonet might easily misconstrue the nature of
cryonics and its advocates: humorless 
***UNAPPEALING*** people who take themselves waaaay
too seriously.  (You know, failed and frustrated,
charisma-challenged, would-be cult leaders whose
plattitudes are ignored despite the self-evident(to
them, duh!) truth that they are the know-it-all
cryonics poobah just this side of godhead
itself--whoops! there I go, being humorless my own
self, sorry.)

So, Kennita, I say, "Go for it!"

And speaking of humor--or more precisely, the sort of
upbeat life-affirming whimsicality from which humor
springs--and its paucity here in Corpsicle Corners--I
propose the formation of the Department of Cryonics
Whimsicality, and invite all and sundry to participate
in the untrammelled jollity, silliness even.  To
inaugurate this bold--and, dare I say for cryonet,
innovative--initiative, allow me to offer up the
concept of:

                ***THE CRYODATE***

The pain associated with losing a loved one is greater
for 'us' than for a lay person, because, for a
cryonicist the loss is unnecessary, is such a waste. 
Similar pain and waste is felt with the passing of a
cultural icon.  I really, really wanted to save
Anthony Quinn.  He WAS Zorba.  

Slightly more 'earthbound' is the loss of those
creatures who made our pulse race and nostrils flare. 
You know who I'm talking about.  Those incendiary
provocateurs of libido, phantoms of our dreams, and
for the lucky, of our real lives.  

It broke my heart when Ava Gardner passed on.  When I
recall her in "Night of the Iguana" I can hardly
breathe.  Lauren Bacall is getting long in the tooth
these days, but not yet lost.  Was she classy or what
in "To have and have not"?  

So anyway, you select someone you 'admire' who, in
his/her prime was tasty (or wanted to be) and you ask
them out for a cryodate.  (For the euphemistically
challenged, I will note here that the term "date"
actually means "torrid sexual romp", but the spirit of
romance compels a language to match.)

So you get together with someone for whom the spirit
is willing but...and who was once irresistable (or
wanted to be) and border-line insatiable, and you
suggest that the two of you get together for dinner
and a little mutual ravishment, say, the fifth (or
second if she/he is REALLY hot) Friday after the later
of the two of you is restored from suspension.  Then
you take out your little "Cryodatebook", and mark it
down on your schedule.  This is called making a

I've decided that, if possible, when restored from
suspension, I would like the Tom Selleck model body. 
When making your cryodate you might want to discuss
details of this, or whatever, sort.  (A cryonics
contract is useful here.*)  Plan ahead.  Or not.  It's
up to you.  Have fun, kids.

*How's that for sneaking up on it all subtle like?

Best, Jeff Davis

               "You are what you think."
                              Jeff Davis

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