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From: "Daniel Johansson" <>
Subject: Re: Stem cell research - Sweden and cryonics
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 14:35:02 +0100

> I'm confused. If the question has never come up, just what is it 
> that's prohibited?

Just because the specific question has not been raised, does not mean
that it is "free" to do whatever. As cryonics is not recognized in any
way in legislation, the laws concerning death, autopsy, burial, and so
on, are the ones applying at the moment, according to the officials I
have spoken to. And the laws only recognizes two ways of burial.
Cryonics is not one of them. First when someone starts to debate and
discuss cryonics from the other point of view, the "saving life" view,
things might happen here. And I am not the one to do it as I m in no way
are a judicial expert.

>> ... I believe cryonics really could boom in this country! Someone has
>> to start the work though... :)

> I hesitate to mention it, but Trygve Bauge.

No. He is from Norway, a totally different country. And he is too
controversial. Even I am too controversial to be the one developing
cryonics in Sweden, as I see it.

> I looked at your Web site.  What is your own business? I saw at least 
> five.

That s right. We run the largest music festival in Sweden, and around
this we have developed a national center for swedish music and media
industry, with record labels, managements, various companies, and higher
educations on different areas of music business. But in all this, as you
probably understand, we are having the national media s eyes on us all
the time,  (for me personally it actually was a BIG step to put a text
on cryonics on my site, saying that I am signed up) anyhow... My point
is that you really should have a "go for it" from the media spokesman of
the organization you are a part of before you do it. So should all of
us, as I see it, if we speak publicly, have a booth at a festival, or



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